Shakyamuni Buddha had gained insight into the truth, perfected the qualities of wisdom and compassion over 2560 years ago. His teachings develops clarity in minds, enables abilities to end suffering and finds lasting happiness. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is carrying on the mission in offering “Discovering Buddhism’ programme. ‘Discovering Buddhism’ is a specially designed programme for participants to gain experiential to of Chinese Mahayana Buddhist etiquette, Basic Buddhist teachings and Basic Meditation within a day.
This English taught programme is suitable for anyone who wish to learn more about Buddhism. Participants will benefit from the interactive and engaging teaching led by Venerable Wu Xiang who has more than a decade experience teaching Buddhism and Meditation in different cultural settings!
Intro to Buddhist Etiquette
Buddhist etiquette is an Important part of every Buddhist life . It expresses religious sentiments to the Buddha, the Teacher (Monk or Nun) a. promotes gracefulness in social interactions. This is also a mean of training in mindfulness in every action one is taking.
Intro to Bas Buddhism
Buddhsim has been transmitted over the past centuries because of its timeless and enduring message to the spiritual needs of man in finding true peace, happiness, and well-being.
In this part of the programme, learn about bask essential principals of Buddhism. Learn to apply Buddhist philosophy into practice in daily life.
Intro to Basic Meditation
Buddhist have been practicing meditation in cultivating calm, focused and positive states of mind. Introductory of technique will be taught to enable the participants to learn practical tips on how to achieve a clearer state of mind and focus better.
Dharma Q&A
An open and lively interactive platform for all participants to share on their experiences, ask about Buddhism and clear any doubt that lingers in their minds. Through the engaging session, it leads to a greater understanding of the doctrine being taught.