Thoughts are flashing repeatedly in our minds like lightning in the clear sky. It obscures true inner peace we could experience. Spend a day with us and creates the opportunity to untie the habits, recharge and advance in our lifes thereafter.
The one-day mindfulness retreat allows participants to be much aware of their emotion and mood. Not forgetting experience the peacefulness that is taught in simple yet profound manner.
Meditation Benefits: Indulge in infinite joy and benefit through meditation. Reduce anxiety and stress:
It is hard to break through the mental clutters when our minds are lost in stress. Meditation acts as a great stress reliever by guarding the mind and segregates worries, negative thought and mental discomfort from it. A clinical research done by Harvard University had proved that meditation helps to develop and maintain stable and balanced mental states of mind, and able to deal with circumstances positively during distressing situation. It also shown that meditation does improves mood and memory.
Enhance Health:
The cause of illness and diseases are brought on by anxiety, greed and ignorance as found by the scientists. The main benefit of meditation is to let our minds stays in peaceful state and a calm mind naturally strengthens our immunity.
Improve Relationship:
Our minds will be clear and mood will be happy due to meditation. A clear mind and happy mood enable to interact warmly and patiently towards other people hence relationships will gradually improves.
Develop Wisdom: Collecting the mind constitutes the precepts (Sila); from the precepts comes concentraion (Samadhi); and through concentration arises wisdom (Prajna) as stated in Surangama Sutra.
Meditation trains the mind to concentration (Samadhi) Meditation is to achieve a superior and true understanding of one self and develop wisdom in getting rid of all the delusions and illusions.
The training of mind through meditation (Dhyana or Jhana) calls concentration (Samadhi) and the training in discemment and wisdom (prajna). one-day Mindfulness Retreat Programme:
9:00am Meditation techniques Refresher
9:30am Sitting Meditation
10:30arn Walking Meditation / 10mins Rest
11:00am Explaining Mindfulness Contemplation and Dining Rituals
11:30am Vegetarian Lunch
12:30pm Rest
13:00pm Teaching of Meditation
14:30pm Sitting Meditation / Walking Meditation
15:30pm Sharing of experiences
16:30pm Zen at Work